With Jane Freedman ~ Yogi, Astrologer, Transformational Coach

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Welcome, dear one, to the year when you Rebirth Your Worth. 

Spend a year blending the ancient modalities of astrology and yoga to connect on every level of your being. Unlock opportunity, wisdom, and energy for consciously and steadily building a life that’s in alignment with your truest vision and values. 

If you are looking for authentic self-knowledge and you are ready to commit to transformation, then Rebirth Your Worth is for you.

Our next Journey Around the Sun launches in March 2020 with the Spring/Fall Equinox.

Does Any of This Feel Familiar?

You are...  

curious about the process of awakening and open to transformation.

You want to...  

embody your natural gifts and unleash your creatve potential.

live heart-centric and invite sacredness into all your relationships.

motivate from your intrinsic, core values.

liberate your intuitive intelligence.

be in service to the world with clarity of purpose. 

experience a high vibration quality of presence!

Yes? Then, Rebirth Your Worth is for You!

“The year of Rebirth Your Worth was transformational. I am a stronger, clearer, and brighter person because of Jane's dedication to awakening. The inquiry practice opened up worlds. I feel more confident and secure in my being, more trusting of myself, and more willing to take risks in communication in my relationships. I have more joy and more personal responsibility. Life is goodness. I am so grateful!”

Cindi Lyn - Rebirth Your Worth 2018

Here's How it Works

Live Online Video Teachings & Discussion

Rebirth Your Worth meets live over the Internet, twice per per month. 

Call #1: A Zoom presentation on the gifts and opportunities of the season and how to practice for maximum well-being.

Call #2: A Facebook Live community practice, Q&A, discussion, and reflection.

Downloadable PDF-Style Course Materials 

Beautiful handouts to download and print for reference and inspiration. These materials will: 

  • describe practices
  • provide reminders & focus
  • teach you about yoga and astrology
  • be worksheets for inquiry writing

Meditation & Yoga Asana Guided Practices

Pre-recorded asana and meditation practices complementing the present cycle, so you can move into embodiment and mindfulness when the time suits you.

All the course materials, including the live call recordings, will be uploaded to an easy to use curriculum website where you have private, lifetime access.

Sounds Amazing! Sign me up!

Members of Rebirth Your Worth Also Receive:

A "Solar Return" Session: A private Tarot or Astrology Reading during your birth month. 

Inner circle pricing for private coaching with Jane.

A printable pdf of your full natal astrological chart showing your unique planets, houses, constellations, and elemental placements.

The Worthy & Tonic email newsletter for guidance and reflection.

As a Sign up Gift, you'll receive Jane's online mini-course, CEO in the Flow: Daily Practices to Train Your Intuition for Quicker Decision-Making, Creative Solutions, and Less Stress! 

“Before Rebirth Your Worth, I didn't know what it meant to be in love with yourself. I was filled with a lot of negative energy and self-doubt. There was a lot of resistance in my life and 'shoulding.' Jane made learning about things like core values and emotions feel accessible. I now see myself with more openness and curiosity and accept others more compassionately. I use my emotions as my map & intuition as my guide. I trust myself more and feel less fear.”

Monica - Rebirth Your Worth 2018

Receive the Gifts of Astrology

The astrology wheel maps a 12-month curriculum for tending to every aspect and arena of our lives. It’s a brilliant template for remembering you are whole ...and living from that remembrance.

Each zodiac sign is a step on the comprehensive, 360 degree journey of life. The planets and constellations connect us to the seasons of the Earth, to our inherent gifts, and to auspicious opportunities for healing. 

Astrology is a spiritual path that unlocks the inherent worthiness of the True Self. 

Integrate the Wisdom of Yoga

The yoga tradition is, at once, demanding, gentle, and positive. This combination sparks a curiosity that creates readiness and courage for change. 

Classical Yoga offers a beautiful path for knowing and integrating the mind, body, and spirit of the human being. For example, the yamas, niyamas, chakras, koshas, asanas, and meditation practices of yoga show us how to embody and befriend the fullness of who we are. 

When we blend these two ancient modalities to connect in the here and now - to ourselves, to one another, and to the natural world - it unlocks fresh energy to show up fully present and build a life that expresses our inherent worth, wholehearted vision, and wisest values. 

“What a complex being I am! Jane showed me how I can experience my emotions fully and act more consciously when responding to something, rather than being in the emotional effect of what happened. I loved Jane’s knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject. I live with more fun and joy, while paying attention to being a more authentic human.”

Camilla - Rebirth Your Worth 2018

Here's What Rebirth Your Worth Will Empower in You

Rebirth Your Worth offers a circle of belonging. Within sacred community, you will receive comfort & compassion, support & accountability to genuinely explore the "Elixir of You."  

Over the course of a calendar year - from Spring/Fall Equinox to Spring/Fall Equinox - you will: 

Explore and experience the full, 360 degree spectrum of the astrological map for living a whole, worthy, and wise human life.  

Practice self-inquiry to uncover comprehensive, authentic self-knowledge that you can trust and that will serve you for a lifetime. 

Create daily personal practices that evolve you, make sense, and bring your life into worthy alignment with your dreams and aspirations.

Transform yourself in collaboration with the seasonal movement of the planets, the fluid wisdom of your body, and the intuitive truths of your heart.  

Ignite the courage to take a stand for yourself with the support of community, expert instruction from Jane, and your own inner wisdom. 

Find the agency and take action to offer your Best Self to the world.

Meet Jane

When I was 26 years old, I was caught in an uncomfortable tension between fear and wanting more. Discovering my astrological chart helped me to relax, deeply, into the marrow of my own bones. The chart revealed and explained the forces at work in my life, so I could recognize them in myself, take responsibility, and act according to the truth of my own will.  

Walking through this doorway led me toward my best self, and I’ve never looked back. Now, I combine astrology with my equally sacred and cherished yoga practice of 33 years to offer comprehensive insights to you!

As a clairsentient healer & teacher, I am passionate about helping people access the empowerment of their intuitive intelligence and the wisdom of their natural body. I would be honored to share my wealth of experience in astrology, yoga, self-inquiry, meditation, and wellness to inspire you to Rebirth Your Worth.

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My Commitment to You

I created this program so you can embody the living astrological chart - fully awake, aware, open, and tender-hearted - and so you can understand yourself as a worthy pilgrim on the sacred path of becoming.

I will take a stand for your beauty with light-hearted humor and joy. I truly believe that you are beautiful, you are whole, you are worthy, and you are wise.

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“I'd recommend Rebirth Your Worth for anyone who is looking to gain greater insight and awareness of self and how we interact as part of the whole. Jane is an amazing teacher. She translates everything into practical applications for daily life.”

Dagmar - Rebirth Your Worth 2018